I’m Here!

I’ve been anticipating this moment with trepidation for months, unsure if I was ready to expose myself, fearing the folks in the crowd yelling “the Emperor has no clothes.”

But I’m here.

And as Eleanor, and Twain, and Churchill and Osho (and so many others) have pointed out, the fear is not out there, but in here with me.

So I’m showing up with the desire to create a safe place for ideas – mine, and yours.

As of today’s posting, I am an unpublished author. But that doesn’t change the journey does it?

Whether I am read by no one or 10 million people I still have to show up every day to I face the blank page,  to face the rewrites, to face the ego-voice telling me that I am a loser.

I still have to show up. I still have to turn away from the bad thoughts and look towards the light shining on the joy that I feel when I am writing.

And I still have to show up and remind myself that life is not about arriving at the destination. It’s about taking the journey, enjoying each moment of the process; relishing in the criticism, jumping up-and-down with elation at receiving a personalized rejection letter, bathing in the waters of flexibility when I know full well that little change I am about to make could be the Jenga piece that will destroy the entire structure of my masterpiece.

So my fear has turned to excitement that I will share the journey with you my fellow writers (and fans???).  And look forward to growing together, into people who show up for what they love in their lives; who show up to be writers.

May our dialogue inspire, stimulate, make you laugh – in recognition of what we have in common and what we don’t.

I look forward to the exchange of ideas that begins today.


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