About Lynne


I am Lynne Southerland and I am a storyteller. Who knows where it began. Maybe an African ancestor was a griot? Or a Jewish one was a Magid? I know from surreptitiously sitting at the top of our staircase as a child that my father was a true raconteur, weaving words and pauses in perfect intervals that captivated his listeners.

My adult journey began as I followed my gut and took college classes in what interested me – storytelling – and found to my surprise that I was a Comparative Literature major. After receiving my B.A., I traveled to Los Angeles, jumping head first into the storytelling world of filmmaking, beginning my career as a film editor in both live-action and animation.  My creative journey now encompasses a wealth of experience that has taken me from editing to producing to directing and writing.

In animation, I co-directed “MULAN 2,” the sequel to the beloved Disney feature about the legendary Chinese heroine.  Earlier, I provided creative leadership as Producer on such projects as Disney’s “AN EXTREMELY GOOFY MOVIE,” HBO’s acclaimed multicultural series “HAPPILY EVER AFTER, FAIRYTALES FOR EVERY CHILD,” and Paramount’s animated feature “BEBE’S KIDS.”  In 2007, my skills were put to use as Creative Producer for Imagi Studios, on the CG feature, GATCHAMAN, based on the groundbreaking Japanese anime superhero series.  I have had the pleasure of contributing as a Development Producer and Creative Consultant for Disney’s Direct-To-DVD division as well as Animation Lab, an Israeli based CG studio and Tradition Studios, the animation arm of Digital Domain.

My live-action credits include feature film work as Editor on Hyperion Entertainment’s “THE RUNESTONE,” the CBS mini-series “FAMILY OF SPIES,” Fox Television’s “THE SITTER” and the Showtime documentary “INSIDE VOICES.”  Other editorial credits include “SISTER ACT 2,” “THE NAKED GUN,” and “THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN.”

Ten years ago the Muse tapped me on the shoulder and invited me to become an author. Since then I have written two children’s picture book manuscripts, THE ADVENTURES OF HUNTER AND ZIMMERMAN and RED DOG AND THE KANGAROO KIDNAPPING, which was published on Smories.com. I have also penned an inspirational picture book manuscript for adults entitled, BABY’S BREATH, A Fable About Remembering Who You Are.

My fascination with Aboriginal Australian culture inspired my first Young Adult novel, IN THE ALL AT ONCE TIME, for which I am currently represented.

You can read more about me at: https://www.beloit.edu/live/news/68-a-storytellers-animated-journey


One response to “About Lynne

  1. Hi Lynne, Good luck with the new novel. I too am fascinated with Aboriginal Australian culture.


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