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I read once that when someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them; but it also opens a door, that can lead to rebirth. My 69,000-word YA manuscript, In The All At Once Time, explores the passage in between.

Upturned by her mother’s death, Hailey Stockman has been dislocated from all she loves to live with her estranged father in faraway Australia. Her snarky blog warns that her only goal is to provoke him into sending her back home to L.A. Her infatuation with a handsome Aborigine draws her into his clan’s little known mythology and she becomes intrigued by a mysterious legend about a girl named Boolie who lost her Mother, too… 8,000 years ago; a story that can only be told to those invited by sacred voices that whisper across the primordial landscape.

When Hailey discovers that she has been chosen, she surrenders to the magic and her reality shifts, sweeping her into Boolie’s mythic search for her mother and the heroic mission for which the girl is destined. As Boolie’s story unfolds amidst the superstitions and prejudices of her society, Hailey’s presumptions and misconceptions about her own family are challenged, and her resistance towards her Father begins to slip… until secrets from the past wedge an even greater chasm between them.

In The All At Once Time binds a modern girl’s struggles to an ancient sister – two daughters, lost in foreign territory, who must take the hero’s path to forgiveness and healing.




The goal of Baby’s Breath…  a 43 page, 550 word, illustrated gift book manuscript, is to offer a gentle reminder to the stressed out and overwhelmed who are caught on the hamster wheel of today’s culture, and provide them with an opportunity to reconnect and remember the pure, positive happiness with which we all are born. You might ask, “is this book for children or adults? And the answer is Yes! It is a family book, it is a friend book, it is children’s book, it is an adult book, it is a baby shower book, a Valentine’s day book, a feel better soon book; an ideal keepsake for the upmarket reader.

Following the journey of my protagonist, Muriel, the reader comes to understand how she/we have been lead away from the knowing we carried with us when we arrived here on planet Earth. And how reconnecting to the simplest thing like a baby’s breath can spark us back in the direction of our true selves and the happiness we desire.

I conceived Baby’s Breath as a three part, full color gift book series that follows Muriel from her awakening and continues in book two as she explores ways to hold onto her newly reclaimed consciousness, and finally how she finds peace and joy through focusing her attention on appreciating the abundant well-spring of opportunities everyday brings to her.

Baby’s Breath will not only touch the heart, it is a book filled with illuminating thoughts that will revitalize the spirit of people who feel less and less connected to who they really are or what they really want for themselves. And like its adored predecessors, could become a classic for a new time.


It’s easy for one sibling to judge another.  One may be outgoing, while the other wants to stay close to home.  But, the important thing to remember is that each being has something to contribute.

And so it is in this first in a series about two brother cats.  Zimmerman, who is very independent and travels throughout his neighborhood on the beautiful hills above the Pacific Ocean, doesn’t appreciate his brother Hunter, who prefers to stick close to home, where he is safe from hostile predators and enjoys the loving affection of their human companion, Hildy.  But when the adventurer doesn’t return home for supper, it is the “scaredy-cat” who must venture outside of his comfort zone to save his brother.



5 responses to “My Manuscripts

  1. Wow, Lynne, I am so very impressed with your site. Thank you for sharing your writing gifts and extras!
    Yea, Lynne!


  2. Thanks loads for the feedback and support.


    • iris kitagawa-rainey

      Lynne, I am very impressed with your new publication. So glad to know that you are again published and look forward to many more.


  3. iris kitagawa-rainey

    Mary sent me this to me and I have to tell you that I am so very impressed. It is so exciting to read all that you have
    accomplished and it makes me feel so proud to know you and how I admire your continuous growth as a writer. You
    are an amazing woman – I always felt that – from the time you were in your early twenties.


  4. Thanks for your kind words and support. Im excited about every step of this process to getting published. I’m convinced it’s happening.


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